The bridal industry has many different trends emerging throughout history, some hang around longer than others. however, our favourite one is that these days, marriage is all about choice!

We choose our partner, our vows, our invite list and of course our wedding dress. Many couples are choosing to be more innovative with their big day but still hold on to some traditional aspects - the biggest innovation we have seen, has come guessed it! Wedding dresses.

Here are a few of the emerging trends we have noticed when it comes to innovative bridal dress designs.

A Modern Surprise!

Brides are no longer willing to give up the traditional bridal look for something more fashion-forward. They want both and the bridal industry has listened and delivered! The result of this is traditional looking wedding dresses with modern twists.

For example, pockets in bigger gowns have almost become a staple - see our Olegra gown.

Another trend we have been seeing a lot of is thigh-high slits on gowns for a more modern sultry bridal look. We LOVE this look!

Check out our Orissa, Sonja or Sasha gown to see how different silhouettes accommodate the thigh-high slit.

Orissa gown by Atelier Wu

Veils, Wings Hoods and Capes

Veils have been around for years and are associated with a traditional bridal look, and we have seen a huge increase in interest in them (yay!).

Veils are no longer just sheer material coverings, they have evolved to feature beading, lace, embroidery and any other details a bride could want.

Alongside veils, wings have come into play and there are many gowns designed to have detachable wings - see our Odina gown.

For the bride that simply wants something new, have found that hoods and capes are the way to go to stand out.

Short or full-length they are having a moment in the spotlight and we are here for it! See our Sakura hood for some inspiration!

Veils, capes and wings


Our favourite addition to any bridal gown, some detachable sleeves! From small bubble sleeves to billowing ones we love them all. Taking the gown to a whole new level of style, the sleeves add a fun, cute element to the bridal look.

If they are detachable, the bride has the option of 2 looks in one dress! (which we personally love for photos!)

Have a look at Ozella, Oleandra and Oshma for some sleeve inspo!

Ozella Sleeves

Burst of Colour

We can not stress this enough - Your wedding dress does NOT have to be white. Many brides are jumping on this trend and loving the results. The old-age traditional white colour is still the clear winner but gowns with blush, champagne or oyster undertones have become increasingly popular - just like our Natalia gown.

Natalia gown

However, an even bolder trend is emerging, with brighter coloured gowns and we love this direction particularly for brides who want a show-stopping wedding dress. Check out our Nisha gown for an alternative to a white wedding gown.